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Bodhissara Estates is a private holiday reserve tucked away in the Chiangmai countryside. We invite you to enjoy a fresh experience of serenity and luxury in our private resort home. We strive to give our guests an exclusive experience and so, there will never be more than one group staying on the property.

Our estate covers 9 acres of green landscape; plenty of space for our guests to indulge in the simple beauty of nature.

We have drawn inspiration from our surroundings to create our name. “Bodhi” stems from the name of the Bodhi tree, the tree which Buddha transcended into enlightenment; “issara” comes from the Thai word for 'liberty'. The establishment of the White Buddha statue overlooking our land is a silent blessing upon our land but was a delightful surprise to us.

We have designed Bodhissara Estates to reinvent the common sense of luxury by juxtaposing themes of modern royalty and natural elegance. Our gardens are a fantastical experience which transport you to a whole other world. Our buildings have an open concept, the beauty of the grounds is brought indoors.

Revitalise mind, body and soul with us in the Chiangmai countryside.

Hold this land in demesne and relish its tranquility; let Bodhissara in its entirety be yours.

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Our Guest Relations Officer will reply to your query within 24 hours.
Thank you for your interest in Bodhissara Estates.